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by Marcin C

Want to Write for Search Netics ?

I receive a fair number of requests to feature on this website, so thought this would be a welcome guide for those of you looking to contribute.

Not only do I want one off articles – we are looking for permanent members to join our contributors list and help us publish quality stories.

Benefits of Becoming an Author

Search Netics is started its existence not so long ago, but we’re very committed to become one of the quickest growing Technology News, Blockchain & Game Reviews sites. We’ve got 3 very active site owners with huge experience in the field and we also produce around 10k words of content (including images!) every week, to start of the right foot. Here is what I can offer you by becoming a regular contributor.

  • You will get your own login to the site and author rights to each and every article you write.
  • Awesome exposure to a continually expanding global audience.
  • Receive recognition and appreciation from a loyal audience, for now and at least the next few thousand years (In the digital world your words are immortal).
  • Make a difference in the lives of people from all over the world, whether it is sharing your insights, observations, good humour, or just by posting photos of watching the grass grow.

If you are new to writing for the web – this is a great article to read up on 5 Tips To Be An Absurdly Prolific Guest Poster. We’re not, in fact, looking for guest post bloggers, but would rather have permanent contributors, following these tips is always relevant. We also would never say no for a decent piece of content!

How to submit your content?

If you have an idea that fits into one of the topics, email us your pitch. When we’ve agreed to the topic and other details, we’ll give you author rights to let you create this wonderful piece. And from then on, you can publish your own stories and images whenever you like! Since we have a full-time site editors in house, we reserve the right to do some changes to your content, pretty much, willy-nilly.

We will remove contributors with less than 1 content piece a month!!

In case you weren’t interested on becoming a permanent contributor, and would rather like to guest post, we’d then do the editing and publishing for you (this might incur an admin fee).