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How To Achieve Success In Small Business Internet Marketing 

by Luke Young
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In small business Internet marketing, there is an important factor that should be taken into consideration. Ignoring it means that your dream of seeing your small business website on page 1 of Google may remain just that, a dream.

Building a website and waiting for it to catch people’s attention is not enough. You need to focus on ranking your small business website articles constantly. I’m laying emphasis on the word “constantly”… as it is not something that should be done once.

The one factor that you should consider if you plan on getting to Google’s page 1 is the choice of keywords for your articles. The no 1 reason for the failure of your business website to rank on page 1 of Google is choosing the wrong keywords.

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If your keywords draw millions of searchers then success will always elude you. If you are in the shoe business, for instance, going up against Zappos.com or any other big company in the business is a no-no. You should find a smaller niche in the shoe industry.

For example, instead of just using “shoes” you can use the keywords “brown moccasins”. These keywords are referred to as “long tail keywords” or “keyword phrases”. They take you up the search engines when used.

To find underrated phrases or long tail keywords newbies can use Google’s, Keyword Tool.

When you type in “brown moccasins “, you will be shown by Google the number of searches made for that phrase in the last month, in the United States and Worldwide. There are a few other programs that can be used to carry out deeper research if you want to do so.

We recommend Market Samurai as your main keyword research tool as it avoids keywords that won’t promote your chances of ranking in Google.

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When you finish your keyword research for your small business Internet marketing, you will want to examine the results it will bring so you can decide which keywords you will use for your articles. The perfect returns for a keyword are about five thousand local searches a month.

The product you are market will decide whether you should use local or world search numbers. The most important goal is to be on page 1 on the relevant search engines, of which Google is of course included. You need a lot of perseverance and diligence to get there, but it is worth it.

There is the need for you to update your website articles frequently as regularly updated sites are favored by Google.

Thus it is important for you to better your article writing skills as it will benefit your business. The betterment of your writing skills should be continuous. Also, your articles need to have a lot of keywords in them, but you should take care to ensure that the keywords are not too many.

If the keywords are too many, your ranking will be affected adversely. Place the keywords in the beginning and concluding paragraphs of your article and try to ensure that your reader will come across your keywords every hundred words within the essay.


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